Discovery of Metadata Standards and Databases

We have explored the importance and categories of metadata standards. But, as a researcher, how do you know what metadata standards are relevant to your research? And what public databases support storing data described by the relevant metadata standards?

The BioSharing initiative was created to support these and other query cases.

BioSharing was built upon the Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations (MIBBI) portal in 2009.

BioSharing is a community resource that maps the landscape of community-developed standards in the life sciences, broadly covering biological, natural and biomedical sciences. It includes three interlinked registries:

  1. BioSharing Data Policies Registry
  2. BioSharing Data Standards Registry
  3. BioSharing Databases Registry

User stories and query cases

  1. Find all the standards and databases relevant for transcriptomics experiments/data
  2. Find all the standards and databases relevant for microarray technology
  3. I use high-througput sequencing technologies, which are the relavant standards and databases for my research?